DL Year One Bundle

DL Year One Bundle

It's end of 2020, and WHAT a ride it's been. Let's celebrate, grab some champagne, and look back at how relentless perseverance prevailed over the obstacles this year.


For us at DLM, original releases for our first year include:

  • So Far - my first official album
  • Courier - the DL Film Crew's first original short film
  • Couch Party - the gaming tournament hosted at Mazevo Coffee
  • and of course, "The Rabbit Hole" - the short story prologue to "The Fox Chronicles"


On top of that, the DLM Merch Store opened, and the journey into animation and motion graphics began.

Not to mention the many commercial projects that we completed in film and design.


So yeah, 2020 WAS hard. But here we are, standing at the end of it, looking at how we persevered and prevailed. Let's keep doing that.


Here's what you get in the DLM Year One bundle:

  • So Far - Album 
    • With a BONUS TRACK- not even publicly released yet!
  • Courier
    • The original short film
    • The crew commentary with me and Wrangler Stenberg
    • Digital wallpapers for desktop and mobile
  • The Fox Chronicles
    • The short story ebook
    • Digital wallpapers for desktop and mobile
  • DLM
    • Digital wallpapers for desktop and mobile
  • BONUS discount on items from the TeeSpring Store!


Muchos thank you for supporting DLM and friends, and we are very excited to keep you updated in the coming year for hopefully more original content and projects!


Thank you,




- Darryn Lombard


  • Download Steps


    1) Download the file 

    On Desktop

    2) Right-click on the downloaded .zip file - "DL Year One Bundle"

    3) Select "Extract All"

    On Mobile

    2) Open the download in your "Files" app

    3) Select "Extract" or "Extract All"

    Then, enjoy!


    Thanks for supporting DLM and friends!



    -Darryn Lombard