Fully cleared, one-stop music. Inspired by film, meant for the heart.

  • License
    All the songs that you hear are fully cleared, one-stop tracks that you can license for your films, ads, and television spots. 

  • Customize
    Whether it's a love song, a reminiscent ballad, or a Scottish battle song, I’ll compose a piece that creates the perfect ambience for your project.

  • Enjoy :)
    Easy! Enjoy the music. Whether you decide to license my track, request a custom-written piece, or relax and listen, I welcome you. I hope this music inspires you, just as it inspired me when I wrote it. And if it does, feel free to contact me or follow me on social media :)


- Music -

[So Far] does a great job of walking you through different emotions. Whether you’re in the mood for a slower song or a more upbeat tune, Darryn has something for everyone. Each song is pure poetry and speaks to your heart in each musical note.

Kerry Bohlken