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Courier Short Film Commentary | Darryn Lombard and Wrangler Stenberg
Darryn Lombard

Courier Short Film Commentary | Darryn Lombard and Wrangler Stenberg

Hey, there! Thanks so much for watching the Courier Crew Commentary made by myself (Darryn Lombard), and Wrangler Stenberg. Not only was it a blast to produce the original project, it was a treat to get together and remember all the work that we put into our first original short film. We hope to make many more original projects in the future, including "The Fox Chronicles," and inspire you along the way! Please continue to support us and follow us on our website at for more content and updates on upcoming projects :) Many thanks, Darryn Lombard Credits Commentary Lighting and Camera Wrangler Stenberg Music "FAFSA" Original Song by Darryn Lombard Performed by Darryn Lombard, Drew McDowell, Meg Gildehaus, Juanillo Chavis, and Josh Reedy Under License by Darryn Lombard & Darryn Lombard Music Courier Directed by Darryn Lombard Written by Kolby M. Zeiler, Darryn Lombard, and Wrangler Stenberg Producers Skylar Rockwell Cale Gullett Director of Photography Wrangler Stenberg Cast Alice - Mary Botz Markus - Kolby M. Zeiler Bossman - Darryn Lombard Dennis - Wrangler Stenberg Behind-the-Scenes Footage Cale Gullett Sound Effects Artists Mary Botz Alisha Lombard Music “So Alive” by Midnight Riot Under License by The Music Bed, LLC. Special Thanks To Community Leadership & Development Inc. (CLDI) Alisha Lombard © 2020 Darryn Lombard Music, Kolby M. Zeiler, Darryn Lombard, and Wrangler Stenberg. All Rights Reserved. Filmed in the city of Billings, MT

- Film -

OUTSTANDING WORK! Easy to meet with, takes phone calls easily, and is a joy to work with.

Sgt. Robert Lester - Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office


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